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The Day of Grace is Upon You


The day of grace is upon you and I bid you come to My living waters to drink and be filled with My life and Spirit within you.  You will need My Spirit to be prepared to do My end time work and be ready for My appearing. This is no game you are playing, for you are playing for your eternal dwelling place and rewards.

This is the most serious time of all Christendom because you are being given the opportunity to choose your dwelling place in Me and your rewards.  You have full knowledge of the choices you must make because My word has declared it.

You are the generations of My appearing! The time is short and there are many souls crying out for understanding and truth. I send you forth to carry My truth and to authenticate your works through My miracles and power.  Yes, the end time responsibilities are upon you.  Go ye therefore into all the world and preach and live My gospel.  My power will sustain and enable you to do greater works.  Seek Me and those greater works.