Welcome to Manna from on High

Many are called but few are chosen! You are chosen, my child. Rejoice for the light of the Lord is upon you!

Welcome to a very special website! This website was inspired by the one and only God to fulfill His solemn purpose. Even your presence here was ordained by our heavenly Father. I cannot help but marvel at the Lord’s power and why He would choose to lift me up, (a woman of 89 years), to do such a work! But I’ve learned to listen and obey when the Lord speaks.

This website is a portal for all of the lessons and prophecies the Lord has given, and continues to give me, through the prophetic gift. The Lord’s words are distinguishable on this site by all capital letters. Please take your time to peruse and meditate thoughtfully on His words.

I pray that you open your heart and allow the Lord’s words to feed your soul. He is calling out to you with manna from on high…it is up to you to listen and obey.

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