I have called and chosen you from afar and told you of things to come. They are here!  From this day forward those who answer My call to higher heights and dedicate themselves to the inner leading of My Holy Spirit, your life will not be your own, but will belong solely to Me. I will order your footsteps and cover your going and coming. I will instill in you the wisdom and the words you are to speak. The great day of My awakening is upon you. None can stay My hands! You will be up and prepared by My Spirit for everything you are called to do and suddenly your memory and speech handicaps will disappear.

This is the great hour of My visitation upon the world and I will bring forth a great awakening. Eyes have not seen nor ears heard the things I have prepared for those that love Me and are called and dedicated to My purposes. The hour is late and there is no time for idle speculation. Prepare yourselves in the things of God and give yourselves totally to Me. Dedicate fully and wait upon Me for I shall bring it all to pass. There will be no interruptions for I am in charge! No one can stay My hand and My call upon you.