Great and mighty works shall I do in your midst. You shall go forth into the battle and they that be of thee will be clothed in My presence and armed with My power to meet the adversary.

Will I not deliver the captive, shall I not raise up the weak in strength? Yea, I shall do this and more. My call is upon you. Prepare yourselves to serve. Study My word that you may break the bondage of those I send. Pray continually that I will bring forth the captives to serve Me in the beauty of holiness.

My call has gone forth and now I will burden your hearts and spirit that you may see the face of need. Your hearts will break as my heart is broken. I have seen My sheep with no shepherd. I have beheld the wolves as they devour the weak of My fold. Yea, I shall breathe My strength upon you and you will go forth to win the battle for My namesake.

Behold the hand of the Lord is upon you to kindle a flame within you that cannot be crushed or extinguished. You are mine saieth the Lord and I shall do a quick work within you. Think not that you can turn back the clock and return to your life of ease and contentment for I the Lord have called, and I will send you forth prepared for battle.

Do you think Satan will easily give up those he has placed in chains? Seek Me and ask for My power within you and the spiritual strength to break every yoke of bondage and the chains that have bound them.

Do you know the day or the hour when all shall be fulfilled? I am coming soon. Do not waste the hours that remain. This is your time to give me your all. I am not calling your neighbor, I AM CALLING YOU.